Clean Vibes teams up with Power to the Peaceful
to keep the scene clean!

Clean Vibes, a company formed and dedicated to environmentally responsible event waste management, is excited to be working with Power to the Peaceful. Clean Vibes’ involvement will ensure that all the waste produced at the event is handled in a responsible manner so that the event leaves as small a footprint as possible.

Clean Vibes will be using a 3 tiered sort of all waste at the event – compost, recycling and trash will all be separated to minimize the amount of actual trash produced by the event. All vendors will be using compostable food service items to minimize the amount of waste the event produces.

There will be numerous clearly marked and color coded waste reclamation stations throughout the site, most of which will be staffed by volunteers to ensure that all waste ends up in the right place.

When the music stops, be sure to grab a trash bag and lend a hand cleaning up the field so we can leave Speedway Meadow cleaner than we found it!

For more information on Clean Vibes, please visit!

In an effort to become more environmentally conscience,  the main stage at this year's Power to the Peaceful will  be powered by  Cresco's "Green Machine" generators which are 100% bio diesel B100.